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+Innocence Corrupted+ by Psyconorikan

Hey there psyconorikan! Wow, once again you've managed to do nothing short of impressing me! Your work is absolutely fascinating. You'v...

:icontransparentplz::iconcolorheartsplz::iconcolorheartsplz:Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101:iconcolorheartsplz::iconcolorheartsplz:

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:She is the one...Sailor Moon!

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:icontransparentplz::iconlovepls:National Pet Memorial Day! :iconlovepls:

Hello deviants! :iconannissina:

September the 11th comes and goes once a year, just as any other ordinary day of the year does. However, for all Americans, such as myself, this day is a constant reminder of an unbearably senseless tragedy we were forced to endure early on the morning on September 11, back in 2001.:flagofusa:

This day, also known as 9/11, haunts us Americans with painful memories of the massive amount of grief and trauma that struck our country and its citizens early that morning. A terrorist attack upon both New York City, and the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C., left us forever paralyzed in sorrow; with amount of souls we lost that day, and the impact of the attack on our country itself. American Heart Avatar by koolkat2427

We will never forget this nonsensical incident for as long, as we are Americans, and with every passing year, we once again turn our grieving hearts into a mourning for the precious lives of the souls we lost that day, and honor them with dignity, respect, and spiritually send them our messages of our undying love for them, and remind them they are forever in our hearts. No, we will never forget! United States of America


Well, September the 11th also happens to hold another very important meaning to it as well. This also happens to be National Pet Memorial Day. :kitten: by LaaaDeeeDaaaDeeeDaaa If you are a pet owner and lover such as myself, chances are you have suffered a traumatic loss of a much beloved pet at least once in your life. We each suffer from death and the loss of our dearly beloved in vastly different ways, and each of us require a different amount of time to heal from it as well. Although we never forget them no matter how much time passes, each have indeed etched a special spot in our hearts that can never be erased.Orange Cat Luvie by aku-kitsune

Sadly though, for some, the loss of a pet can be so traumatic that they refuse to ever adopt any pet ever again. Others attempt to fill that empty void within their hearts and home, by going out to replace their pet with another as soon as possible. Not everyone always replaces their pets with the same type of pet they formerly lost either. Some people find hope in a new type of pet, and others in something as simple as a new breed, similar to their later pet, or even simpler, a change in the sex, or a younger age of their late pet as well. :iconbemyvalentineplz:

Whatever the case, it is always the better choice to go and adopt another pet, once your mourning has subsided. There are so many many animals waiting for someone to come along and adopt them, to rescue them from their noisy and cold shelter cages, to save them from meeting an untimely and most horrendous death, or some even await to be saved from the harsh weather conditions in which they fight every day to survive within. 44 n.n by marusitaneko

On this most emotional day, there are many ways to honor and remember your most beloved lost pet. Some examples of this include: lighting a candle and setting it beside a photograph of your pet, coupled with a prayer in their name. Another is to create something crafty, yet memorable, using a photograph of your pet as the main centerpiece; something that you know you yourself or even a family member will always cherish and keep near. Some people will create memorials for their pets, or even hold a remembrance service for them inviting close family and friends. Some create alters, and some feel at ease, posting a photograph of their pet online somewhere with the date of the loss of their pet and a few loving words. Others even find it very comforting to speak with another in a similar situation. To set an example from a personal point-of-view, I myself keep my pets collars and tags close beside me, and on special days such as these, I wear my kitties' collar as if it were a bracelet on my wrist, (tags, bells, charms and all.) Or, I often even snag my kitties' collar through the handle on my purse when going out. I also will go to a store and buy a special balloon, one I really like, (it can be an inexpensive one as well,) then I as well as any participating family members, write on that balloon with a Sharpieİ and cut the sting or ribbon really short on it, (for the safety of other birds,) then we take it outside to a special place free of trees or telephone poles and wires. There, we all hold that balloon and let go at the same time, and never let out eyes off of it until it has completely vanished to our naked-eye. As well, you can even submit a photograph of your pet to deviantART, and chose to feature that photograph with a story attached to it, somewhere on your profile. Although she was not my kitty in reality, I have the very example of this on my own deviantART profile, where you will find the recently passed blind kitty Jo, :rose:  whom I L:heart:VED very much, and belonged to a devinatART friend of mine:iconpergamjee: Most importantly, it is always very possible to honor your pet by volunteering at a shelter or simply by donating in your pets name. Even 5$ can buy a kitty in a shelter something, and every dollar in every shelter is as much appreciated as is needed!!!21 n.n by marusitaneko


In addition to honoring you pet in these various ways, there are also many websites available nowadays, in which you can personally create a on-line virtual memorial for you beloved pet. Some of these websites include:

Paw Bullet Blue (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre A beautifully constructed web site where you can fill out an application and become a "virtual guardian." As well, every Monday at 9 PM, there is a worldwide event that you can participate in where candlelight vigils are held, followed by a prayer to honor your pet. Fill out sympathetic themed e-cards, visit other members pet memorials, view pet stories and poems, or enter into a special one-on-one service where a volunteer will be more than willing to chat with you about your loss and support you, or you yourself can become one as well!

Paw Bullet Blue (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre… This website is quite versatile as you can create an online memorial for either a lost pet or a person as well. Upload a story and photograph of your lost one, then send emails alerting friends and family members about your newly created memorial and the website will provide a sample language that can be edited or posted on a blog or supporting website. Furthermore, people may even contribute a gift in honor of your pets name, and the web-site will automatically send them a thank you note that can be pre-made by you, and conveniently e-mailed to you whenever a gift has been contributed.

Paw Bullet Blue (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre This site is the sister site to where you can create virtual memorials for family of friends whom you have lost. Their strict policy is that they were, "...created as a place of comfort, compassion and celebration of our beloved pets." Visually appealing and easy to read, this site is another one of the best web-sites to create your very own virtual memorial.

I have personally always celebrated National Pet Memorial Day on the 11th of September each year. However, in doing some research, I discovered that there are a wide variety of day listed on which it is celebrated, ranging from the 8th, the 9th, or even the 12th. So, in an effort to celebrate this holiday, I suggest that you take at least one day out of the month in particular on which you can honor your lost pet. I believe as long as it's held on a day within September, you have celebrated honoring your lost and beloved pet. Kat ear tickle by Phlum

I hope that I have managed to help and encourage someone out there to celebrate their pet's loss in at least one way. We will never forget our beloved animals, no matter how much time progresses. For we all know that the saying is really true...

"...pets leave paw prints within our hearts!"35 n.n by marusitaneko



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